Fun. Simple. Real.


Dream Mutual provides college and high school students a way to understand and
organize their potential future financial obligations.

It is a learning and educational platform that can teach students the responsibility of investing at a young age.


You will be able to hypothetically allocate money into select mutual funds and see how your portfolio compares with that of an average portfolio value of a specific age group through easy to read graphs.  Know how risky or safe your hypothetical portfolio is. Set measures that are realistic to a certain income bracket and reasonable monthly expense amounts.


This program will:
• Calculate future initial investment amounts
• Set a monthly savings plan
• Demonstrate how much students will
need for retirement
• Calculate cost of college for your children
• Show mortgage payments based on the
criteria you set at each objective.

It’s never too early.

Dream Mutual wants students to learn how to think for themselves, and to create a plan that can save them time and heartache in the future where it will
matter the most.

First hand accounts from students

Actual students share their DreamMutual experience

Lauren Marotta

I have never seen a more unique program than Dream Mutual. The ability to learn about smart financial decisions as a college student gives you the comfort of planning for the future. There are many options that helped me to
create a personalized plan around my goals. I recommend Dream Mutual to anyone who cares about their financial future and is wanting to have a reliable financial plan.

Frederick Bryant

Dream Mutual has enabled me to forecast many different opportunities to take advantage of. With this software, I am able to keep track of Financial goals as well as obstacles I may face later on down the line.

Matt Soos

This program is absolutely life changing. It has allowed me to understand how to budget my finances to live a more stable life-style. It taught me tips that I would not have learned anywhere else. It creates opportunities for everyone that uses it

Riley Goho

Dream Mutual has helped me understand more about the financial responsibility for me and my family. It has certainly helped with creating a plan for retirement. It is a system that everyone should use regardless of their


In 1978 if a person invested $5,000 just once into the S&P 500 they would currently have a value of over $328,000 dollars as of 2017.


That if a person invests $5000 in the S&P 500 every year for 30 years for an average annual market return of 10% they will have a total value of around $1,000,000.


The oldest stock exchange in the United States, opened in Philadelphia, in 1760