Dream mutual provides college and high school students with a way to understand and organize their potential future financial obligations through mutual fund selections.



You will see how much of a nest egg is necessary for you to retire with specific credentials that are mandatory to meet in order to retire at a desired age.


Life costs

You will be able to see how much money you need to save every month to meet the financial goals that you have set for yourself.  Dream Mutual will set a strict discipline that will help you achieve a peaceful financial mind.


Life Insurance

Know how much insurance you need based on your income and debts to protect your life if anything were to happen to you. Make sure that your family is financially safe.

Classroom friendly.

Mange up to 50 seats with one account.

Happy Dream Mutual Customers

Aviana Catarisano

Organizing and planning have always made a huge impact on my life. Having this software available gives me the resources to further my plans which allows me to have greater success. I am so happy to have a program that organizes my financial life the way I need it to!

Nicole Pritchard

Dream Mutual has helped me create a financial future that is structured, organized, and disciplined. It has helped me to realize what is needed to meet critical financial goals.”



Free trial for Schools:

  • Half of search engine available for every fund category
  • 50 free seats to use for classroom
  • Full access to all tabs
  • Free trial will last a month
  • Unlimited number of seats
  • Year based subscription.
  • School ID number.
  • Access to the complete search engine.
  • No limits.
  • $10 a seat
    1-300 seat purchases
    $9 a seat
    301+ seat purchases



Free Trial for Individuals:

  • Half of search engine available for every fund category
  • Only able to have input for one child in college tab
  • No access to mortgage tab
  • No access to life insurance tab
  • Free trial will last a month
  • Full site access
  • Personal ID number that doesn’t expire.
  • Access to the complete search engine.
  • $10/mo.