About Us

Dream Mutual provides a service to college and high school students that organizes their potential future financial obligations. It is a learning and educational platform that can teach students the responsibility of investing early at a young age. At its simplest form, the program will calculate future initial investment amounts along with a monthly savings plan into the future to give a good image of how much the students will need for retirement, cost of college for their children, and mortgage payments based on the criteria that they insert at each objective.

A student will be able to hypothetically allocate money into whichever mutual funds the students selects in our search engine of over 400 different kinds of funds and fund classes. From the plan that they create, the user can see their results matched with that of an average portfolio value of a specific age group through a graph representation. The student will also be shown charts that will let them know how risky or safe their hypothetical portfolio is to make sure that they did not set measures that are not realistic to what an individual in a certain income bracket would do based upon reasonable monthly expense amounts.


To better inform and plan a student for the discipline that they need to meet financial obstacles along the way through their careers. The system will give students an idea of where they need to be and what they need to do now to meet their goals. Many times, families and individuals are set back by lack of preparation of inevitable financial obligations.

Dream Mutual wants students to learn how to think for themselves, and to create a plan that can save them time and heartache in the future where it will matter the most. We want to make sure that students are well prepared to establish the right mindset when thinking about setting career and financial goals.

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